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As a member of the DIS, your organization will enjoy the many advantages generated by the Society’s efforts, including informative meetings and consultations, research findings, quality guidance, and certification. Plus, you’ll receive access to the DIS’s research activities online – the only site on the web that contains the latest technology advances in ductile iron, as well as our Hot Topics and Lyle Jenkins library, all while helping to advance the production standards of the industry.

RESEARCH: Recent research projects range from metallurgy/alloys, foundry processes, safety, cost of production, developing/adjusting standards, testing, and quite a bit more.  We strive to ensure the correct information is out there on why designers should choose Ductile Iron! 

EDUCATION: We host an annual Ductile Iron production seminar. We cap the attendance at 50 and keep the cost as low as possible for attendees. This seminar alone justifies the cost of a year of DIS membership for many members. An annual membership is for the entire company, so anyone can attend any DIS event. We are firming up dates now, but tentatively are planning for the end of January/beginning of February.

STAY UP TO DATE: DIS organizes two meetings per year. We try to present on current/recently completed research projects, as well as topics currently affecting ductile iron foundries and suppliers. While many are metallurgy, case studies or technical focused, our last meeting we hosted a panel with speakers from 3 large foundries to discuss how to operate successful internships as well as a panel on sand. 

NETWORKING: There is a large value in networking with other foundry professionals as well as getting out and seeing how others are doing things. The biannual meetings have a wide variety of topics, but more importantly, foundries and suppliers are starting to send their newer engineers/metallurgists and challenging them to get involved.  The attendees tour the “host foundry/supplier” as the meetings are typically held in conjunction with a tour. 

Membership is available to iron foundries who produce Ductile Iron, suppliers to the iron foundry industry and companies wishing to support the research efforts of the Ductile Iron Society

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