For over 65 years, the Ductile Iron Society has been connecting members with other industry professionals through hosting Society meetings and plant tours.  We set standards in industry practice, and regularly publish research projects, that are free to our members. The Ductile Iron Society is made up of large corporations and small companies in North America and the world, the society is the only industry group devoted solely to the concerns of the producers and users of ductile iron castings.


Our Mission

Here at the Ductile Iron Society, our mission is to promote the interests of the ductile iron industry through advertising and education; by the collection and dissemination of information relative to the ductile iron foundry industry for the benefit of the public and the individual members of such society; for the development of new markets and uses for ductile iron; the establishment of standards and of research into the uses and processes of manufacture of ductile iron.

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