Welcome to the Ductile Iron Society

      • The 2020 Ductile Iron Production Seminar will be held Tuesday – Wednesday, January 28 & 29, 2020 at the Hilton Garden Inn – Chicago O’Hare Airport (2930 South River Road, Des Plaines, IL 60018) and is available to the public. Check back for Registration Info!

        • The seminar is organized to instruct operations people on the basics of producing quality Ductile Iron and Compacted Graphite Iron castings.  It is also recommended as a refresher course for people experienced in ductile and compacted iron production, who may have become a bit rusty and not up-to-date on the latest practices.    The DIS Executive Director, Scott Lammers is the Chairman of the seminar and the lecturers are tops in the field.
      • Looking for a Job?  Check out the DIS Member’s Job Postings on this website in the DIS Resources Area and this AFS video on Metal- Casting Careers!  Link-Metal Casting Careers video  

      • Associate Members and Overseas Members can now pay their dues online at the following links:

        The main objective of the Ductile Iron Society is to advance the technology, art, science of ductile iron production and to disseminate all such information to the members. Such an objective is achieved by:

        • Research programs aimed at improving production technology, solving long standing production problems, and providing better manufacturing economies.
        • Exchange of technical and production knowledge through Society meetings, plant visits, and encouraging private conversations.
        • Issuing various reports and bulletins covering research and new technology.
        • Quality guidance and Certification of producers.