Designs in Ductile Iron
Cost Saving Design Ideas

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Cover Designs in Ductile Iron
2 Why Ductile Iron?
3 Lower Control Arm
4 Stabilizer Foot, Rope Clamp and Eye Nut
5 Crankshaft, Exhaust Manifold
6 Tractor Roller Frame, Worm Gear and Post Screw
7 Wheel Hub, Fertilizer Knife
8 Suspension - Lower Control Arm, Wire Rope Clamp
9 Rear Control Arm for Mustang Cobra, Loader Drive Wheel
10 Shift Lever, U-Joint Slip Yoke
11 Brake Anchor, Air Compressor Block
12 Steering Knuckle, Tractor Gudgeon
13 Gear Axle and Hub, Truck Cab Mount
14 Valve, Bonnet, Rocker Arm
15 Plastic Injection End Housing Screw Drive, Body Bracket
16 Rear Chute Pivot, Cam
17 Swing Pivot, Dual Delivery Seed and Fertilizer Tool
18 Drive Gear, Impression Cylinder
19 Baseplate, Cross Member
20 Hydraulic Motor Rear Housing, Lift Arm
21 Forward-Reverse Gear, Syphon Elbow
22 Gland, Air Scoop
23 Clutch Cup, Air Suspension Hanger
24 Plug Valves, Center Spring
25 Rear Engine Mount, Crankcase