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Ductile iron Data for Design Engineers revised edition.   The title describes both the contents and the objective of this book.  It is a comprehensive summary of data describing the engineering properties of Ductile Iron.   The youngest but most successful member of a truly ancient family, Ductile Iron has suffered from an abundance of myths and a lack of information.

"Cast iron is brittle." is an outdated but widely held truism which mistakenly implies that all cast irons are the same, and none are ductile.  In fact, Ductile iron is far more than a cast iron which is ductile.   It offers the design engineer a unique combination of a wide range of high strength, wear resistance, fatigue resistance, toughness and ductility in addition to the well-known advantages of cast iron - castability, machinability, damping properties, and economy of production.  Unfortunately, these positive attributes of Ductile Iron are not as widely known as the mistaken impression of brittleness is well known.

The purpose of this book, therefore, is quite simple:   to replace the myths with data, and let the designer decide how he can take advantage of the unique combination of properties offered by Ductile Iron.

This book is being offered to design engineers through the Ductile Iron Marketing Group (DIMG), a non-profit organization whose goal is the promotion of the generic use of Ductile Iron castings through market surveys and promotional and educational activities.  It has been published by Rio Tinto Iron & Titanium Inc. (formerly QIT - Fer et Titane Inc.), a member and co-founder with Miller and Company of the DIMG.  The other member of the group is the Ductile Iron Society (DIS).  Dr. Richard Warda, formerly with QIT and CANMET originally wrote the book.

Significant editorial assistance and additional materials were provided by Mr. L. Jenkins, Technical Director, DIS; Dr. G. Ruff, CMI Tech. Center; John Keough & Bela V. Kovacs, Atmosphere Furnace Company; Mrs. F. Dube, Rio Tinto Iron & Titanium Inc.

Rio Tinto Iron & Titanium Inc. (RIT), has made every reasonable effort to ensure that the data presented accurately represents the information contained in the many sources from which it was obtained and, when necessary, attempts have been made to reconcile data from different sources which do not agree.   Therefore RIT believes that all information given is accurate and is provided in good faith, but without any warranty, either express or implied.  This book is protected by copyright and no part of it can be reproduced or recreated by any means without the written permission of RIT.

James D. Mullins, Manager
Sorelmetal Technical Services
Rio Tinto Iron & Titanium, Inc.