Completed Research Projects

DIS research reports are distributed at no charge to members and are for their exclusive use for a period of two years. Two years after initial distribution, research reports are made available to the public at a cost of $50 per report.

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Go to the Adobe Acrobat website to get the free pdf reader.In some cases the reports have been broken down into parts to improve download time.

1.  A Revision of the Iron-Carbon-Silicon Phase System. 1968.50
2.  The Relation of the Revision in report no. 1 (above) to the solidification of Castings. 1968.50
3.  Dissolution and Desulfurization Reactions of Magnesium Vapor in Liquid Iron Alloys. 1971.50
4.  Factors Influencing the Occurrence of Carbides in Thin Sections of Ductile Iron. 1972.50
5.  The Influence of Processing Variables on Matrix Structure and Nodularity of Ductile Iron. 1972.50
6.  Factors Influencing the Formation of Pinholes in Gray and Ductile Iron. 1974.50
7.  Time-Temperature Relationships Involved in the Decomposition of Carbides in Ductile Iron. 1975.50
8.  Factors Affecting Optimum Properties in Heavy Section Ductile Iron. 1977.50
9.  The Effect of Trace Elements and Composition Variables on the Annealing Time of Ductile Iron. 1979.50
10.  Factors Influencing a Shrinkage Cavity Formation in Ductile Iron. 1981.50
11.  Factors Influencing Dross Formation in Ductile Iron Castings. 1982.50
12.  The Influence of Foundry Variables on Nodule Count in Ductile Iron.  1984.50
13.  The Influence of the Chemical Analysis of Alloys on the Nodule Count of Ductile Iron. 1984.50
14.  An Investigation of Factors Affecting the Machinability of Ductile Cast Irons. 1987.50
15.  An Investigation of the Effects of Graphite Parameters on the Fracture Toughness of Ductile Iron. 1989.50
16.  Characterization of Inclusions in Ductile Iron Castings. 1989.50
17.  Occurrence of Sub-Surface Flake Graphite in DI Castings. George DiSylvestro, American Colloid Company. 1993. 50
18.  Impact Properties of Ductile Iron by Dynamic Tear Testing. Thomas E. Prucha, CMI. 1993.50
19.  Simple Fracture Test for Transition Temperature of Ductile Iron. 1994.50
20.  Machinability of Ductile Iron.
21.  Determination of Dynamic Tear Values in Ductile Iron Through Resonant Frequency Measurements. 1996.50
22.  Influence of Alloys on the Critical Temperatures of Ductile Iron. 1997.50
23.  Heavy Section Ductile Iron Technology. 1995.50
24.  Longitudinal Wave Technique for Nodularity Determination. 1994.50
25.  Alternative Test for the Fracture Toughness of Ductile Iron. 1993. Project
26.  Determination of Poissons Ratio in ADI.
27.  Critical Literature Review of Rare Earth Use in Ductile Iron. 1997.50
28.  Mechanical Properties of Ductile After Long Times at Elevated Temps 1999free
29.   Fatigue Properties of Ductile Iron (not available at this time)  Monotonic/Cyclic Properties. 2001
30.   Monotonic and cyclic Property Determination for Ductile Iron. 2000free
31.   Wall Chart for Rating Ductile Iron. 2000 50
32.  Improving the Properties of ADI – Phases 1A and 1B. 2001free
33.  Mini-alloying of Ductile Iron with Molybdenum. 199150
34.  Shrinkage in Ductile Iron. 2002free
35.  Chart to Indicate Ferrite/Pearlite Ratios. 200250
36.  Training CD Rom for Evaluation of Ductile Iron Microstructure. 2005
37.  Nodularity, its Measurement, and its Correlation with the Mechanical Properties of Ductile Iron. 2006free
38.  Project Aborted – No Data Available. 2003
39.  Elimination and Neutralization of Boron in Ductile Irons. 2004free
40.  Survey of Greensand Properties of Member Foundries. 200750
41.  Training CD’s – Ongoing work being done on different subjects. 2004
42.  Ultrasonic Testing for Nodularity Determination. 200850
43.  Dimensional Growth of Ductile Iron Castings During Heat Treatment. 200950
44.  Effect of Surface Defects on Fatigue Properties of Ferritic Ductile Iron. 201050
45.  Graphite shape degradation at the surface of chemically bonded sand molds and cores. 201050
46.  Optimizing Structure-Property Relationships in Ductile Iron, 201250
47.  Casting Skin Literature Search. 2012free
48.  Evaluation of Normalizing Heat Treatment to Develop Improved Properties in Heavy Section Pearlitic Iron (Not Available to Non-Members). 201450
49.  Analysis of Pearlitic Ductile Iron with Enhanced Mechanical Properties 201450
50.  Tracking Chemistry of Minor Elements 2013.50
51.  Fatigue Resistance of Weld Repaired Ductile Iron Castings 201550
52.  Evaluation of the Influence of Boron, Silicon and Inoculation in Counteracting the Effects of Increased Manganese Levels on Varying Section Thickness of Ferritic Ductile Iron.201550
53. Effect of Pouring Conditions on Degenerated Graphite on the Cast Surface of Ductile Iron Castings 201650
54. Pearlitic Ductile Iron and the Conflict with Boron 201650
55-S. Universal Ductile Iron Tensile Bar 2016 50
56. Atom Probe Tomography Study of Magnesium in Ductile Iron(Not Available to Non-Members)2018.
57. Heat Treatments to Develop High-Strength Ferritic Ductile Iron(Not Available to Non-Members)2019.
58. Using Copper to Treat Pearlitic Ductile Iron Contaminated with Boron – Further Studies #54. 2018 (Project on hold)
59. Effects and Limitations of Residual Alloying Elements in Silicon Solid Solution Strengthened Ferritic Ductile Iron(Not Available to Non-Members)2019
60. Cobalt Additions to Improve Low-Temperature Toughness of As-Cast Thin Wall Ductile Iron(Not Available to Non-Members) 2018