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Issue No. 3, 2017

2017 Fall Meeting Highlights
FEF Keith Millis Scholarship Awards
Welding DI with Ultra Cast – Phillip Norman
3D Printing for Dummies – Basics of – Travis Frush
Minimizing Ductile Iron Castings Costs with Autonomous Optimization – Dan Coyle
State of Art in 3D Printing – Production Capabilities – Matt Yadlowski
75% FeSi Market Dynamics – Eli David
Effects of Filter Print Design Changes – Brian Dickinson
Velocity Measurement for Determining Ductility & Nodularity in Cast Iron – Dr. Zhongqing You
Ferroalloy Production and Worldwide Statistics – Jim Csonka

Issue No. 2, 2017

2017 Annual Mtg. Highlights
DIS Lifetime Achievement Award
Best Practices for Hiring Millenials – Kirk Kallio
Power of and Need for Research In Metalcasting – Doug Trinowski
Practical Cleaning Maintenance of Pressure Pour Fces-Tony Chubb
Silica Rule & Impact – Bryant Esch
Micro-Alloying in Steel – Steve Snell
Universal DI Tensile Bar – Jeremy Lipshaw
Panel-Converting Iron Types in Production

Issue No. 1, 2017

2016 FEF Conference
FEF Keith Millis Scholarship Awards
2016 World ADI Conference
ADI A North American Perspective in 2016 – Kathy Hayrynen
Application of Differential Scanning Calorimetry for the Determination of ADI Service Temperature Limits – Karl Warsinski
Austempering of Thin Wall Ductile Iron – Dr. Paul Sanders

Issue No. 1, 2016

2016 Annual Mtg. Highlights
DIS Member of the Year Award
DIS Lifetime Achievement Award
Solution Strengthened DI
Sonic Test for Nodularity for Evaluation of DI Castings
Use of CT Scanners
Death of a Salesman
Heat Treating of DI for IQDI Products
Annealing, Stress Relieving, Normalizing
Induction Hardening
Base Iron for ADI

Issue No. 2, 2015

2015 Gear Expo
2015 Fall T&O Mtg. Highlights
2015 FEF Conference
Back to Basics Panel
Converting GI to DI
Thermal Analysis of DI Microstructure
Inmold Production of DI
Image Analysis Workshop
Dynamics of the Industrial Sand Markets
Alloy & Treatment Process Optimization for Quality DI
Shrinkage & Microstructure Investigation for Ni-Resist DI

Issue No. 1, 2015

2015 Annual Meeting Highlights
DIS Lifetime Achievement Awards
2015 Gear Expo
DIMG/Design w/Ductile Iron Seminar
Obituary – Scott McIntyre
Melt Quality & It’s Effect on Casting Quality
Pressure Ratings for Ductile Manifold Applications
Industrial Sand Market Update
Clay & Green Sand Additives
Practical Green Sand
Green Sand Control
Conversion Success Stories

Issue No. 4, 2014

DIS Signs Agreement with THORS
Ductile Iron Production Seminar Highlights
DIS Move
119th AFS Casting Congress Highlights
2015 Annual Meeting

Issue No. 3, 2014

Fundiexpo, Monterrey, MX Highlights
Design w/Ductile Iron Seminar
2014 Fall T&O Meeting
DIS Research Proj. #28 Meth. Properties of DI After Long Times at Elevated Temps – Kathy Hayrynen and Eric Nelson
Resonant I section of DI Components – Nodularity Internal/External Flaws and NVH Link – Gail Stultz
Dynamic Control of Cast Iron Technology – Paolo Perrucci
Pressure Pour Maintenance – Jason Wahl
Monitoring and Maintenance of a Pressure Pour Furnace – Chad Moder
Current Refractory Options in Pressure Pour Furnaces – Jim McMinn
Automated Pouring Link – Bob Vouk
Bottom Pouring – Greg Selip
Pouring with Teapot and Lip Style Ladles – Brandon Reneau
Virtual Nozzle Teapot Spout Lip Pour – Jay Zins
FEF Keith Millis Scholarship Awards & Conference Highlights

Issue No. 2, 2014

2014 Annual Meeting Highlights
Controlling Slag Defects in GI & DI – Alan Patrick, Matt LaFramboise & Dave Williams
3D Printing for the DI Foundry – Steve Murray
Is the Growth of the DI Industry at Risk – George Kokos
High Silicon Molybdenum Cast Iron w/Mixed Graphite Shapes for Elevated Temperature Applications – Delin Li
Preventing Rust and Corrosion on DI Using VCI Technology – Wayne Siefert
Machining DI: Benefits, Concerns and General Guidelines – Tim Heagney
Virtual Tour of Penticton Foundry – Chad Gentes
Inoculation Method Panel – Mike Galvin, Riley Kerestes, Jim Csonka, Joseph Keske, Kyle Rabine

Issue No. 1, 2014

Ductile Iron Production Seminar Highlights
118th AFS Metalcasting Congress
Ductile Iron Society Annual Meeting

Issue No. 3, 2013

2013 Keith Millis Highlights
New DIS Website
FEF Keith Millis Scholarship Awards
2014 Annual Meeting
FEF Conference Highlights
News Briefs

Issue No.2, 2013

Defulfurization at Waupaca Plt. #6 – Aaron Gesicki
Successful Implementation of Green Sand Additives from Foundry Dust – Vic LaFay
Foundry Process Benchmarking – Peter Moulder
Review of Slags for DI in Melting, Holding & Pouring – Dave Williams
Staffing the 21st Century – John Davies
Advances in DI Process Control Through Thermal Analysis – Dave Gilson (Not Available)
A New Approach to Automated Pouring, An Examination of the Overall Pouring Process – Bill Pflug
DIS Project #48 & #49 – Rick Gundlach
Panel – Treatment Methods – Fred Linebarger, Brandon Reneau, Cesar Braga, Larry Carmack, Jay Zins, John McGoldrick
News Briefs

Issue No.1, 2013

DIS 2012 Production Seminar Highlights
News Briefs

Issue No. 3, 2012

Melt Yard and Deck Basics – Larry Helm
Iron Control in a Large Induction Melt Foundry – Brandon Reneau
Optimizing Magnesium Recovery – Brian Johnson
New Developments in Binders and Coatings for Ductile Iron – Doug Trinowski
Cast, Clean and Make Money – Gene Muratore
Blending Optimization in the Ductile Iron Industry – Peter Moulder
Observations for Management on Iron Foundry Safety Statistics – Ted Schorn
Introduction to THORS – The Online Learning Resource – Al Alagarsamy and John Mirka

Issue No. 2, 2012

Market Advances in Compacted Graphite Iron – Dave Gilson
Patriot-The New Benchmark for Large Ductile Iron No-Bake Molding Operations –  Mark Adamovits
Evaluating Alternative Charge Materials: Cost and Chemistry – Kevin Pilon
How to Minimize Rare Earth Usage in Ductile Iron – Doug White
A Summary of the Elements Effects on Ductile Iron – Rick Gundlach
Letting Mr. Charpy Die – Evaluating the Usefulness of Charpy Impact Testing on Ductile Iron – Meghan Oaks
The New AFS Guide to Ductile Microstructures – Tom Prucha
Cupola Operations Panel – Mark Bidoli, Robert Bigge, Scott Gledhill
Refractory Alternatives for Combatting Elephant’s Foot Erosion and Top Cap Wear in Coreless Furnaces – Pete Satre

Issue No.1, 2012

DIS 2012 Production Seminar Highlights
DIS/AFS Casting Congress
2012 Agricultural Machinery Conference

Issue No. 2 2011

Managing Intricacies of Ductile Iron Production – Prem Mohla/Al Alagarsamy
NITEK-The New Way to Make Ductile Iron – Abhay Pande/Bill Simmons
Identification & Elimination of Inclusion Defects in Ductile Iron Castings –  Don Craig
The Environmental Approach to Reduced Waste and Increased Metal Recovery by In-House Slag Processing – David Roth
Implementation of Thermal Analysis to Reduce Shrinkage Defects in Ductile Iron Castings – Alex Pardo
Profitable Growth Through Business Innovation – Dileep Thatte
Castings as a Source of Competitive Advantage. Their Job, or Our Job – Paul Jones
Robotic Grinding Using ABB’s Force Control Technology – Alan Wertz
Improved Process Techniques for Thin Sectioned Ductile Iron – Marc King
2011 FEF Conference
Joe Hsieh-Drexel Univ.- Resume
Dean Zawistowski-Kent State Univ.- Resume

Issue No. 1 2011

Influence of Coatings on the Graphite Structure in the Rim Zone of of DI Castings – Bruce Lundeen
Foundry Alloys, A Worldwide Perspective – Jim Csonka
Heavy Section Ductile Iron Update – Serge Grenier
Treatment of Microshrinkage in DI with FeSiLa Inoculant – Steve Thelen
High Performance, Low VOC Chemical Binder System – Joe Fuqua
Avoiding Shrinkage Defects and Maximizing Yield in Ductile Iron – Doug White

Issue No. 2, 2010

Quality Requirements for General Electric Ductile Iron Castings Exceeding 10 Tons Used for Wind and Gas Turbine Components-Revisited – Greg Bouse
FEF College Industry Conference
Heavy Casting Automated Cleaning and Finishing – Jim Garrett
How to Filter a Heavy Section Castings-The Do’s and Dont’s – Thorsten Reuther
Design Overview of Large Ductile Iron Casting Wind Turbine Generator – Kevin Till
Wind Energy Castings-Metallurgical Challenge – Dr. Sven Uebrick

Issue No.1, 2010

2010 Spring Meeting Summary
Refractory Concerns for Melting, Treating and Pouring Ductile Iron – Pete Satre
Fluxing in Ductile Iron Melting and Pouring – David Williams
Process Compensated Resonant Testing for Ductile Iron – Robert Nath
Carbidic Ductile Iron – Marc King
Melt Deck Safety – Chuck Cushing
Ductile Iron Slag Management in Coreless Furnaces – Chris DeRosa
Innovations in Medium Frequency Induction Melting – Charles Fink
Front End Nodularity Determination Using Standard Coupons – Matt Meyer
A.R.M.S. Automatic Robotic Melt System – Paul Webber
Studies of Nuclei in Ductile Iron – Why Is This Important for Foundrymen – Rob Logan

Issue No.2, 2009

Recent Metallurgical Issues in Ductile & Gray Iron-Bob Bigge
Study of the Effect of In-Mold Alloy Chemistry, Bismuth Addition & Tensile Technique on the Mechanical Properties of ADI – Cesar Braga
Core Processes – Innovations in Metalcasting – Jim Furness/Jim DeVenne
Advancements in No-Bake Technologies – Joe Muniza
A Continuous Carbonite Process for Producing Foundry Size Formed Coke – Dr. Richard Wolfe
DIS Project #42 – Ultrasonic Testing for Nodularity Determination – Richard Gundlach/Prem Mohla
DIS Project #43 – Dimensional Growth of Iron Castings During Heat Treatment – Richard Gundlach
Interlammelar Spacing and Pearlite Hardness: A Literature Review – Gene Muratore
Core Machine Technology Impact – Pat Farver

Issue No.1, 2009

An ICRI Case Study – Bruce Blatzer
Ductile Foundries in China – Don Rhoda
Thin Sectioned DI Study – Marc King
Creating a Valuable Technology Portfolio – Paul Mikkola
Former Theories of Filtration When Compared With New Cognitions – Thorsten Reuther
Agricultural Applications of Austempered Iron Components – Kathy Hayrynen
Effective Metallurgical Interpretation of Ductile Iron at Neenah Foundry – Mike Riabov
Intelligent Demand Control and Automated Demand Response – Jim Majsak
Intelligent Demand Control and Automated Demand Response – Larry Collins

Issue No.3, 2008

Speakers Bios – Monday October 20 Session
Speakers Bios – Tuesday October 21 Session
Speakers Bios – Wednesday October 22 Session
Thin Wall Ductile Iron Castings: Technology Status 2008 – Chantal Labrecque
The Use of Oxygen Activity Measurements to Determine Compacted Graphite Structure-Frans Mampaey
Solution Strengthened Ferritic Ductile Iron ISO1083/ JS/500-10 Provides Superior Consistent Properties in Hydraulic Rotators – Dr. Richard Larker
US Ductile Iron Metalcasting: Competing Globally – Al Spada, Chandra Rajan & Patricio Gil
The Development of ADI and IDI in Italy – Enrico Veneri
Agricultural Applications of Austempered Iron Components – John Keough, et al
Scott Gledhill Appointed DIS Vice President

Issue No.2, 2008

Reflection Back on 50 Years
Effect of Cooling Rate on Pearlitic DI Mechanical Properties
Standard Test for the Machinability of Cast Iron
Oxygen Activity Measurements in Cast Iron
Low Emitting Technologies That Solve Foundry Odor Problems: Two DI Foundry Case Studies
Understanding the Formation of Dross in Ductile Iron Castings
DIS Project 40 – Survey of Greensand Properties of Member Foundries
Ductile Iron: The Steel Alternative

Issue No.1, 2008

DI Production Seminar Wrap Up
>DIS Associate Member Profiles

Issue No.3, 2007

Tony Thoma appointed DIS Vice President
Magnesium Recovery & Addition Rate in Tundish-Treated Ductile Iron
DIS Fall Meeting Wrap Up
Transitioning to a Lean Culture
Autonomous Casting Process Optimization
Analyzing Filter Flow Characteristics
How Do We Become Metal Casting Missionaries-The Story of FEF Foundry in a Box Project
The Lean Paradox
Semi-Automated Core Line for Vertically & Horizontally Split No-Bake Core Boxes
AFS Announces Metalcaster of the Year Winner

Issue No.2, 2007

Finding the True Eutectoid Point (TEP) – An Essential Task for Efficient Process Control of Ductile iron
AFS Announces Casting of the Year Winners
AFS Announces Casting Design Assistance Program
ATAS Practical Usage at Torrance Casting, Inc.
Ductile Iron Welding

Issue No.1, 2007

Why Primary Graphite is Bad
Making a Large Ductile Iron Casting with Foam
Friction and Wear Characteristics of Ductile Iron in Dry Sliding Conditions
Mechanism and Control of Buildup Phenomenon in Channel Induction and Pressure Pouring Furnaces – Part 1

Issue No.3, 2006

Global Trends & Competition Latin America
Greenfield Experiences in Mexico
U.S. Metalcasting: Competing in a Global Economy
Power Curtailment
Application of Lean Manufacturing in a Ductile Iron Casting Facility

Issue No.2, 2006

Compacted Graphite Iron and Ultrasonic Testing
Influence of Graphite Morphology and Matrix Structure on Fatigue Strength and Wear Resistance of Ductile and Austempered Ductile Iron
Production of Iron Castings Utilizing a New Generation of Feeding Systems
Refractory Considerations for Melting Ductile Iron

Issue No.1, 2006

Ductile Iron Society Holds Production Seminar
The Production of Austempered Ductile (ADI)
A New Method for Chill and Shrinkage Control in Ladle Treated Ductile Iron
Modeling, Model Verification, and Defect Formation in Iron Castings

Issue No.3, 2005

Ductile Iron Society Awards Scholarships
Ductile Iron Treatment Optimization
Green Sand – The Process of the Future
Applications for Austempered Ductile Iron Castings
An ADI Alternative for a Heavy Duty Truck Lower Control Arm
Ten Steps to Improving Casting Yield in Ductile Iron Foundries

Issue No.2, 2005

Environmental Embrittlement of Ductile Irons – A Review of Available Data
Tim Eilers Receives the DIS Annual Award
Average Metalcasting Hiring Wage $9.58 According to AFS Survey
Ductile Iron for Heavy Section Wind Mill Castings:  European Experience
Micro-shrinkage in Ductile Iron/Mechanism & Solution
Applications of ADI in High Strength Thin Wall Automotive Parts
Phase Transformation and Fatigue Properties of Alloyed and Unalloyed Austempered Ductile Irons

Issue No.1, 2005

Ductile Iron Society Opens Membership Globally
Coping with Higher Molybdenum Prices in Iron Foundries
A Study of the Machinability of an ASTM Grade 3 Austempered Ductile Iron
Environmentally Assisted Embrittlement of ADI – Current Understanding
Reticulated Filtration of Large Ferrous Casts and Castings
Silicon Alloyed Ductile Iron with Excellent Ductility and Machinability
Saint-Gobain Advance Ceramics Hamilton

Issue No.3, 2004

“Monday Morning” Iron
AFS Section 332 Hearing
Optimum Level of Inoculant
Defect Analysis
Effect of Charge Materials
App. of Solidification Modeling
New ADI Production Tech.

Issue No.2, 2004

Millis Symposium Summary
FEF News
Report on Spectrographic Standards
Factors Influencing Ductile Iron
Producing Quality Ductile Iron
Cored Wire Use for Ductile Iron
FEF Seeks Equipment
Montreal Meeting Photos
AFS News

Issue No.1, 2004

New Process of DI Production
Ductile Iron and Wind Energy
Melt Cold and Pour Hot
AFS Signs Alliance Agreement with OSHA
Control of Slag and Insoluble Buildup in Ladles, Melting and Pressure Pour Furnaces
Improved Ductile Iron Casting Quality Through Optimized Coating Technology

Issue No. 3, 2003

DIS Members Visit Scandinavian Foundries
Millis Scholarship Winner
PQ-DIT Process
Direct Flow Simulations in Pressed Foundry Filters
SAE Fellow Award
Thermodynamic Evaluation of Boron Removal from Ductile Iron Melts
U.S. EPA MACT Standards
Ten Steps to Improving Casting Yield in Ductile Iron Foundries
Cost Reductions through Direct Pouring on Automatic Horizontal Molding Machines
Influence of Section Size on the Machinability of Ductile Irons

Issue No.2, 2003

DIS Visits Benton Foundry
DIS Annual Award to Kathy Hayrynen
College Industry Conference Preview
Nodule Count – Why and How!
A Review of the North American Foundry Industry
Metalcasting Industry Releases 2003 Operational Cost Survey Results
AFS Cast Iron Marketing Committee Introduces New Website for Material Property Comparisons
Boron Related Hardness Problems
Survey on Ductile Iron Practice

Issue No. 1, 2003

Associations Join to Promote Castings to Transportation Industries
Auditing Sand Profiles for a Quality Green Sand System
Intermet Introduces New Ferrous Material at 2003 SAE World Congress
Eliminating Carbides in Ductile Iron
Improving Melting Yield through Better Furnace Operation

Issue No. 3, 2002

DIS Receives the Society/Association of the Year Award
Surface Defects in Iron Castings
Applications of ADI
Opportunities in Metal Casting
FEF College Industry Conference
Spectrometer Standards
AFS Trade Commission

Issue No. 2, 2002

PMI Answers Questions on Investment Casting
Shrinkages in Iron Castings
Machinability of Ductile Iron
Nitrogen in Ductile Iron
FEF College Industry Conference
Monday Morning Iron
Newest Developments in Sand Testing

Issue No. 1, 2002

Formation of Inductotherm Group
Practical Methods of the Control of the Inclusions Content of Ductile Iron
The Effect of Different In-Stream Inoculants on the Solidification of Ductile Iron
Something Has Been Changed
Thermal Analysis Part 1
Thermal Analysis Part 2
Thermal Analysis Part 3 – Suggestions for Improved Reliability in TA of Cast Irons
Associate Member Profile Didion International

Issue No. 3, 2001

DIS Visits Neenah Foundry at 115th T&O Meeting
DIS Operating Committee Meeting
Simulation of Microstructure and Mechanical Properties in Ductile Iron
Offsetting Macro-Shrinkage in Ductile Iron
Near Net Shape Ductile Iron Components – A novel Approach Using Semi-Solid Forming
Shrinkage in Nodular Iron
Solving Casting Problems
Basic Metallurgy
FEF College Industry Conference
Associate Member Profile Superior Graphite – Best Plant
Obituary Xarifa Sallume Bean, 1909 – 2001

Issue No. 2, 2001

DIS Announces New Member
CTIF Announcement
DIMG Marketing Group Presentation Summary
Properties of Thin-Wall Ductile Iron Castings
Reduction of Shrinkage Scrap and Notes About Risering
Carbon Additives
Nodularizing and Inoculation Approaches for Year 2000 and Beyond – Part 1
Offsetting Macro-shrinkage in Ductile Iron.  What Thermal Analysis Shows
FEF College Industry Conference

Issue No. 1, 2001 Best of the Ductile Iron News

Notice: AFS/SAE 2002 Meeting (Not a Reprint)

Ductile Iron Answers the Pipe Makers Dream
Designing with  Ductile Iron
The Advantages of Investment Casting Technology
Use of Bismuth in Ductile Iron
Venting – “The Lost Art”
The Effect of Boron in Ductile Iron
Physical Properties of Manifold Materials
Nickel (Not a Reprint)
Miller & Co. Offers Ceramic Filters (Not a Reprint)
Foundry Member Profile – Wells Manufacturing – Gearing Up
Associate Member Profile – Climax  Research Services

Issue No. 3 2000

Carbidic Austempered Ductile Iron (CADI)
K.D. Millis Scholarships Awarded
Dotson Foundry Virtual Tour
Factors that Affect compactability and Consistency in Green Sand
Comparative Machinability Evaluation of Ferritic Ductile Iron Castings
Porosity Defects in  Gray and Ductile Iron Castings from Mold Metal Interface Reactions
Purchasing Quality Ductile Iron
Casting Process Simulation
Comparison of Clarifier Drives
Ashland Introduces ExactCalc
Associate Member Profile – ASI International
Associate Member Profile – Odermath

Issue No. 2, 2000

Cover Story Multiple Channel Ultrasonic Instrument of Inspection Systems
Production and Machining of Ductile Cast Iron
Successful Automated Pouring of Ductile Iron:  Design and Operation
Millis Scholarship Fund Students Studying Ductile Iron
On the Suitability of ADI as an Alternative Material for (Railcar) Wheels
Globe Metallurgical Names 2000 Challenge Scholarship Winners
Foundry Member Profile – Farrar Corporation
Associate Member Profile – Hunter Automated Machinery Corp.
Associate Member Profile – Climax Research Services

Issue No. 1, 2000

Automatic Pouring of Molten Metal by Utilizing Real Time Vision Based Control System
Ductile Iron Castings Made to Specification GGG 40.3
Environmental Compliance Considerations & Strategies for Foundries
Globe Metallurgical’s “Challenge Scholarship Program”
Deep Cryogenic Tempering – One of Metalworking’s Best Kept Secrets
Associate Member Profile – MAGMA Foundry Technologies, Inc.

Issue No. 3, 1999

Overview of the SiC Market
Thermal Analysis Testing for Acceptable Mg Content
Rapid Determination of Mg in Ductile Iron
Experience with Recarburizers
Additional Info. Resources
FEF College Industry Conference
Henych Announces Retirement
William Beatty Obituary
Associate Member Profile – AP Southridge, Inc.

Issue No. 2, 1999

Millis Elected to Hall of Fame
Continuous Casting of Ductile Iron
Properties of GGG 40.3
Suggestions for Saving Money
Leonardite and Its Effects of Green Sand Molding
Albert P. Gagnebin Obituary
Profile – Bremen Castings, Inc.
Profile – Rochester Metal Products

Issue No. 1, 1999

Molten Metal Filtration – An Engineered Balance
Expendable Millis – The Father of Ductile Iron
Dr. Bela Kovacs Obituary
Modified “NiResist,” “Nomag” Cast Irons and Technological Processes of their Manufacture
Japan Malleable Casting Association (JMCA) Visit to Inductotherm
Intermet Study Reveals the Advantages of Cast Ductile Iron Crankshafts
Intermet Leads Joint Development of Enhanced Compacted Graphite Iron
Associate Member Profile The “Magic” of Applied Process

Issue No. 3, 1998

Ductile Iron News Reaches Out Globally by Joint the Internet
Prioritizing Green Sand Testing
Keough of Applied Process Wins Dual Recognition for Industry Services
Ductile Iron Bomb Bodies
Experiences in Ductile Iron Production
The Effect of Metallic Charge/Melt History on Nucleation Potential in Ductile Cats Irons
FEF College Industry Conference
Record Ductile Iron Casting