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Advancing our Industry Together

For 60 years, the Ductile Iron Society has been promoting the interests of the ductile iron industry through advertising, research, education, technological advancements and quality control. Made up of large corporations and small companies in North America and the world, the society is the only industry group devoted solely to the concerns of the producers and users of ductile iron castings.

Benefiting the Industry, Benefiting your company

As a member of the DIS, your organization will enjoy the many advantages generated by the Society’s efforts, including informative meetings and consultations, research findings, quality guidance, and certification. Plus, you’ll receive access to the DIS’s research activities online – the only site on the web that contains the latest technology advances in ductile iron. All while helping to advance the production standards of the industry.

A network of shared information

Ten sources of important technical and production information are available to members through the Society’s Information Exchange Network:

  • DIS Library

Library located online at under members only area.

  • DIS Meetings

Two informative meetings each year allow for the exchange of information between members in informal and workshop environments. Experts are on hand to discuss technical and operating information.

  • Plant Visits

Plant visits are scheduled in conjunction with the two annual meetings to reinforce theory with practical information.

  • Individual Consultations

Executive, technical, and research directors provide technical information and refer members to various sources for additional information.

  • Foundry Consultation*

On-site visitations allow members to address specific problems.

  • Education

Training programs to upgrade members’ operating personnel are presented periodically.

  • Online News Publication

Ductile Iron News is an electronic publication accessible only online, providing members with up-to-date information on developments in the industry, including applications and production, people and companies, and events of the Society. Online at

  • Technological Edge

Technical and operating papers are available to the public two years after publication to members.

  • Hot Topics

Condensed technical reports that keep members current on production techniques, materials, equipment, specifications, applications and other matters of interest to the ductile iron industry.

  • Instant News Service

Developments of special significance or timeliness are mailed to members throughout the year.

  • Technical Certifications

Certification is awarded to the ductile iron producers that are in compliance with the standards of control established by DIS.

*Available on a cost basis by the staff members or consultants.

Better research, better results

Major research projects are funded and directed by the Ductile Iron society on a continuing basis. These projects are specifically aimed at improving production technology, solving long-standing production problems and providing better manufacturing economies. Project results are made available to members of the Society.*

Quality product, quality reputation

Quality control means an improved product. To insure the metallurgical integrity and properties expected of ductile iron, the DIS has formed a Quality Assurance Committee. The committee publishes a manual of recommended quality controls, including minimum standards for procedures, personnel and facilities. In addition, the Society’s Certified Producer Policy Committee awards certification to ductile iron producers that are in compliance with the standards of control established by DIS. This certification assures consumers that they are dealing with foundries producing quality products.

Semi-Annual Dues Based on Sales Dollars

Annual Sales Dollars Semi-Annual Rate
Up to $1,200,000 $1080.00
1,200,000 – 1,800,000 1080.00 + .0006 per dollar
1,800,000 – 2,400,000 1512.00 + .00047 per dollar
2,400,000 – 3,000,000 1850.00 + .0001 per dollar
3,000,000 – 3,600,000 1922.00 + .00005 per dollar
3,600,000 – 12,000,000 1958.00 + .00002 per dollar
12,000,000 and up 2160.00 + .00001 per dollar
*Foundry Minimum Dues, Semi-Annual – $1080.00
*Foundry Maximum Dues, Annual – $9600.00
*Associate Dues, Semi-Annual – $1250.00
*Research Patron Dues, Annual – $3600.00 (NOTE: Membership is limited to those companies on the North American continent.)
* Overseas Dues – $3500.00 (NOTE: Outside of North America producing ductile iron and compacted graphite iron.)

The History of DIS

In the last one-hundred years, the metalworking industry has seen many dynamic developments, but none has impacted the industry as a whole more than the development of ductile iron. In 1950, the first foundries began making castings with this “new metal” and quickly realized the technical and economic advantages it offered the industry. These new pioneers soon joined together to introduce and further develop the available techniques of magnesium treatment for the production of ductile iron, and make its advantages clear to engineers and other potential users.

By the mid-1950’s, however, several of these licensed producers of ductile iron grew concerned about the potential adverse effects the impending expiration of the International Nickel Company’s patents in 1966 might have on the industry. There was a strong belief that lack of licensing requirements would allow inexperienced and unqualified producers entry into ductile iron markets, where their poor quality products could severely damage the burgeoning industry and negate the advances made by capable producers.

Also, recognizing that INCO would soon no longer provide a central information system on ductile iron, a small group of foundrymen expressed the desire for an organization devoted entirely to this new and exciting material. Thus, the Ductile Iron Society was incorporated on July 2, 1958 in the city of Hamilton, Ohio.

More than 60 years later, the Society is still growing and changing, but its purpose today is no different from he one written in the Society’s articles of incorporation:

“To promote the interests of the ductile iron industry by advertising and education; by the collection and dissemination of information relative to the ductile iron foundry industry for the benefit of the public and the individual members of such society; for the development of new markets and uses for ductile iron; the establishment of standards and of research into the uses and processes of manufacture of ductile iron.”


“Ductile Iron Society provides it’s members a valuable service through technical sessions and networking opportunities.   Our technical employees have made valuable and lasting industry connections through which they are able to share  information and problem solve together. This ability to learn best practices from one another affords Ductile Iron Society  members a competitive advantage.”
Jean Bye, President
Dotson Iron Castings

“Our company has been involved with the Ductile Iron Society for many years. I have personally been active for 18 years  From research, projects, committees and now as President, DIS has been invaluable in every aspect of Ductile Iron.  Technical advances, customer relations and marketing, educational resources and student involvement, and the ability  to network with the premier leaders and technical experts of our industry are more than worth the time and investment.”
Scott Gledhill, Director, New Product Introduction
Waupaca Foundry, Inc.

“We were introduced to the DIS from a friendly competitor. He was right on the money when he told us that the modest  dues would more than pay for themselves with the technical sessions, foundry visitations and good social interaction.   Our meetings are useful, working, technical meetings; not golf and tennis extravaganzas.”
Tim Brown, Vice President
Benton Foundry Inc.

“DIS is all about no-nonsense research, learning, sharing and networking. Of the many organizations that my company  and I belong to, this is by far the most productive.”
John Keough, Proprietor
Joyworks, LLC

“DIS has been great support for our development as a certified ductile iron casting producer. Our participation during  the years in meetings and visits made a big contribution to our growth as a quality foundry. The technical support and  openness among the members of DIS to discuss quality issues, opportunities for improvement and industry challenges  is definitively one of our competitive advantages as a foundry. The high technical level of the conferences, the amount  of knowledge and the years of experience together and the quality of the discussions you can witness during our  meetings is really an asset for each and every member of DIS.”
Patricio Gil, CEO
Blackhawk de Mexico