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Ductile Iron-"More
Strength for Less Expense"

Ductile Iron appears to have been invented (1948) with the designer in mind. The tensile strength, proof stress, and elongation combinations obtainable in Ductile Iron exceed those for ANY OTHER cast ferrous alloy, including steel and malleable iron.

Since its introduction, the growth of Ductile Iron applications has exceeded all expectations. World-wide production is approximately 12 million tons and is expected to reach 20 million tons by the turn of the century. The application of Ductile Iron is a notable engineering achievement of our age.


Whether in an automobile component, as shown above, a water pipe, plow, or a "robbery-proof" parking meter box, Ductile Iron has made major inroads to the casting market in every industrially developed country. There can be little doubt, that the major motivating factor for this was "MORE STRENGTH FOR LESS EXPENSE" compared to just about every other cast alloy. The lesser expense comes not only from the readily available raw materials and the efficiencies of the foundry operation, but also from reduced cleaning and machining costs of Ductile Iron castings.

The following pages present a variety of Ductile Iron case histories from around the world. Many more examples could have been added. The Ductile Iron alloys are versatile and appear to find unlimited applications.

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