A Design Engineer's Digest of
ninth edition

During recent years, producers and users of Ductile Iron castings have observed that many potential users of Ductile Iron castings are not aware of the wide range of properties offered by the family of Ductile Iron alloys.

Since their commercial introduction in 1948, Ductile Iron castings have proven to be a cost effective alternative to malleable iron castings, steel castings, forgings and fabrications. This is for a multitude of reasons, some of which are explained in the following web pages.

Ductile Iron castings are found in every field of engineering and in every geographic area of the world. Ductile Iron is known under different names, such as S.G. Iron or Nodular Iron. This online booklet uses the term Ductile Iron, most common in North America.

After reading the information contained in the online booklet, it is hoped the design engineer will be sufficiently informed and encouraged to take advantage of the performance potential of Ductile Iron as a cost effective engineering material. Ask your Ductile Iron foundry for more information and assistance.

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